At Avucart, we make sure our shipping policy immensely helps in hassle free and seamless delivery of product to our valued customer around the world, we have simple and easy to understand policy that drives our clear objective to carry out fair and unbiased policy for everyone.

Shipping terms at a glance

All items that are listed on the Avucart, are proclaimed to be in stock. When the items are in stock, we dispatch the order of the customer within 24-48 working hours. The customer is well informed when their item is despatched from our warehouse. We may also contact the customer if there is any need of further information pertinent to shipping address, or to verify an order. Under such circumstances we will inform you before within 24 hours, after you have placed your order on our store

Under the unforeseen circumstances such as, when the item or items are not in stock for any reason, the order will not be able to dispatch within the stipulated time period of 24-48 working hours. Under this situation, please allow us 2 to 4 working days extra for re-stocking the items for the placed order.

Shipping destinations

We are delighted to inform that we ship globally except the sanctioned countries.

List of sanctioned countries where shipping is not facilitated by us:

  • Burma
  • Myanmar
  • Côte d'Ivoire
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea

Can I change my shipping address after I have placed my order?

It is not possible for us to change your delivery address, for several reasons, after you have placed the order on our store. The reason for that, Credit Card and PayPal security issue does not allow us to do so. Changing the delivery address, once the item has despatched is also not possible (due to security reason). Hence, it is requested to put the valid and correct delivery address while placing order on Avucart

If you still have reason to change your address, under such circumstances, you can cancel the current order and place a new order with the correct or new address. To cancel the order you can contact our customer service or mail us at

Can my order be prioritized as urgent and delivered to me on the first preference basis?

Our delivery management team priorities every delivery of products on a first-come, first serve-basis. However, we do understand that the customer may require to have their order shipped on urgent basis on particular occasions, such as special events, anniversary, birthday or last minute gift for valentine and so on.

For such conditions, we do love to help you. All you need to do is to select the priority handling and shipping option at the checkout for a significantly small additional charge, or inform our customer support team. We do arrange fast courier service, if possible. 

What if my parcel or item is lost in transit? Is it covered by shipping insurance?

To make the shipping safe, secure and reliable, we have tied up with the world's leading courier company, so that your parcel could reach to you in a safe and securely manner. Also there is a very low possibility or the rare chances of item gets damaged in transit. However, we do comprehend the fact that things may go array sometime, as there are things that is not under our control. Thus, in order to safeguard your delivery.

The shipping insurance covers the full value of the product(s) shall it be lost or damaged during it is transited to you. It is to note that the shipping insurance policy does not cover the product(s), once it is duly delivered to you.

In order to claim for the shipping insurance, you can simply contact our customer service team at along with the order number and other relevant details. Once your claim request is received by us, we may ask you for further additional and relevant information. We will also require to contact and communicate with the couriers and acquire a report from them. It is to note that insurance claims can only be processed once we receive all claims and reports from both you and the courier, which usually takes up to 5 working days, although in some cases it may take a little longer. Once your claim is approved, we will either reship your order or offer you a refund at our discretion.

In order to keep things simple and clear, if you choose not to adhere with the shipping insurance, it is to be kept in mind that any product(s) lost or damaged during transit is at your own responsibility, and in that case you can only make claim with the couriers directly. Some couriers will offer some level of security against such possibilities of lost or damaged, this is normally stipulated to a maximum claim of USD 100.00 per shipment. Under such circumstance, we will offer our assistance wherever possible to make sure that you obtain the maximum claim that is possible.

Order confirmation summary and tracking number

When you place the order on Avucart, you will instantly receive an order confirmation summary. Moreover, once your order is dispatched, we will send you an email confirming your purchase along with the tracking details. You can use this tracking details to locate the current status of your order online by putting them on the courier service tracking page.

Kindly note that we update the order within 48 hours upon receiving the payment for the selected item(s), Some of the prominent courier company linked with us are as such; DHL, Royal Mail, UPS, DPD, FedEx, Aramex and TNT.

For any further information and query, you can always contact us at